Abstract Planet

Packaging Design

The below packaging was designed for Tier1 Accessories which required designing within Tier1's own brand guidelines and researching, concepting, and designing for external brand collaborations.  Designs had to be thorough and clear for accurate printing by overseas factories.  All products were sold through Tier1 and GameStop.

Tier1 Xbox1 4Port USB Hub

Tier1 Cable Twist Tie 

Tier1 3-in-1 Accessory Kit 

Tier1 PS4 USB Hub 

Abstract Galaxy

Titanfall | 2 Licensed Collectibles

Tier 1 collaborated with Respawn Entertainment and Gamestop to create these die-cast collectible blind boxes.  Blind boxes are similar to trading cards, in that the purchaser is unsure which product they will be receiving and are therefore motivated to buy many boxes to complete their collections.  The shipper was designed as both a shipping box and a display box to be used by GameStop in store.


Collectible Detail Cards

Blindbox Packaging

Shipper Packaging


Shipper packing instructions for the Chinese factory